Programa de bienestar personalizado y Nutrición Consciente

Precio habitual $60,000

¿Quieres mejorar tu salud holística y bienestar emocional?

El programa de servicios de bienestar personalizado es la solución perfecta para ti. Trabajaremos juntos en sesiones individuales para evaluar tu estado actual y determinar las diferentes causas que pueden estar afectando tu equilibrio cuerpo-mente. Con el enfoque ayurvédico y la nutrición consciente, estableceremos rutinas diarias para generar cimientos sólidos para tu futuro, utilizando productos naturales y terapias alternativas. Además, tendrás la oportunidad de aprender técnicas de meditación y yoga que te ayudarán a lograr un estilo de vida saludable y sostenible. Este programa es altamente personalizado y te brindará atención y cambios edificantes que durarán toda la vida.

¡Apúntate ahora y recibe un correo electrónico para coordinar las fechas y horarios que más te acomoden! Ten en cuenta que el programa se entrega en formato online, utilizando la plataforma de Zoom en Video Conferencia, y cada sesión dura aproximadamente 1 hora.

Customer Reviews

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Lisa Wolf

The experience with AyurvedaSOL was transformational. Beyond food advice, I don't really know how to put it in words, as it's something that happened inside of me, something opened. I came into awareness of myself. I'm not sure exactly at what point of the consultation or what Maria said that really helped me, It was all of it, the sound bath, the somatic exercise when my "Liver" was talking or the simple dietary advice or all the laughter. It was a complete experience, that seemed so short but went for almost 2 hours! Maria is a giver, generous with her time, with her products, with her advice. She holds amazing space for things to unfold and she is very open to the unexpected. Can´t thank you enough!

Adolfo Allends

It was a wonderful experience, the step I need to initiate change and transformation in my life, I recommend it to all people who seek inner balance.

Bec Isaacs

No pre-period migraine for the first time in years. Beautiful Maria, I´ve been on the herbs for nearly a week now and my energy and my period already feel so different. It's incredible. Thanks so much!

Marzia Pantanella

Maria, I want to say thank you because now Ayurveda is part of my diet and I follow the routines more or less everyday. My digestion is much stronger... you changed my vision of food and nutrition... Very Insightful consultation and guidance, deep Gratitude.

Jolanda Iserlohn

Dear Maria, I can't thank you enough for how much you helped me transforming my life into the right direction. The five days cleanse/detox was life-changing and I am already feeling like a new person. Also, all the other Ayurvedic herbs and advices you gave me made a huge difference. I will keep applying them and I will come back to you as I want to move further into holistic well-being. I can and will highly recommend your work, a really helpful and holistic approach! Thanks for sharing your deep knowledge and wide support!

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